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2010-05-09 21:59:47 by KannibalKim

I havent done any new artworks, but as soon as i graduate high school, (2 weeks) ima start drawing everyday in my free time :)


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2010-05-10 17:26:54

I really like your style, so i'm looking forward to more pictures :)

KannibalKim responds:

awww thank you so much :) ive been too busy with school, finals, graduation, and getting a job to have time to draw. :( its kinda depressing. But once summer starts ima upload more. Thanks for the comment! =]


2010-05-13 17:29:57

Aw, that sucks :/ well either way, it'll be a nice addition to the summer holidays :)

KannibalKim responds:

hehe thats so true. :) thanks for the comment. your the only reason i check this haha